Shaykh Jamir grew up in Hampstead, London. He has spent more than a decade studying a range of Islamic sciences in Tarim, Yemen, and Amman, Jordan. In Yemen, he studied under the foremost scholars and muftis of the Ribat Tarim for nine years, in one-to-one private classes, with a specialisation in Shafi’i fiqh. His main teachers include Habib Abdullah al Mehdar, Mufti Muhammad Ba Oudan, Habib Abu Bakr Bilfiqih, Sh. Abu Bakr Ali al Khatib, Sh. Hussein Haddad, Habib Ali al Haddad, Habib Ali Mashur bin Hafidh, and Mufti Muhammad Ali al Khatib. In 2016, he moved to Amman, where he continues private studies and research in various sciences under Jordan's most prominent scholars, particularly Islamic theology (kalam), logic, usul al fiqh, hadith, and Quranic sciences. He has received authorisation from his teachers in Yemen and Jordan to teach and answer questions in the various sciences. 

Alongside studies and writing, Shaykh Jamir has taught on the ground and online for a number of years. A senior faculty member at SeekersGuidance for several years, his courses, articles, and his comprehensive, balanced, and scholarly answers on a wide range of topics were received with much distinction. In polls taken by SeekersGuidance in 2017-2018, Shaykh Jamir’s courses and answers were voted among the most popular. He has also held international dowras and lectures in England, Bahrain, Kerala, and in Amman.

Shaykh Jamir currently teaches sacred law and theology at Mahad Al Dhikra with Shaykh Ali Hani, one of world's leading scholars of Quranic exegeses and Arabic language, as well as working on projects with his long term teacher and mentor, the logician and theologian, Shaykh Bilal Najjar, author of the hugely popular Hashiyatul Bilal, marginal notes on Damanhuri’s commentary on al Akhdari's Sullam in logic, and other works.   


In January 2020, Shaykh Jamir launched the Key to the Garden Group, an umbrella group for a variety of Islamic educational services and projects. Among these are the Key to the Garden Media YouTube Channel, and the highly active, Key to the Garden Islamic Q&A Telegram Group. Following the success of these services, Shaykh Jamir established the Key to the Garden Institute.


A natural teacher, Shaykh Jamir is a qualified, experienced, and dynamic instructor, highly regarded by scholars and students alike. He is known for his engaging, clear, structured and thorough teaching method. His easy, accessible and creative approach, coupled with a genuine openness to listen to and answer questions, ensures that his students always get the most out of their learning experience.

Away from the Islamic sciences, Shaykh Jamir is an experienced and sought after homeopathic physician, graduating from the School of Homeopathy in Devon, and mentored under some of its leading practitioners, including Misha Norland, considered the ‘father’ of homeopathy in the UK, and successor to the famous homeopath John Damonte. He has successfully treated over a thousand acute and chronic cases of mental, emotional and physical disease through his clinic in Amman and online. 

In his spare time, besides spending time with family, Shaykh Jamir loves to read, particularly history, philosophy, and Sherlock Holmes, and whenever possible, to play basketball.