Are all classes live?

Most, or all of our current classes are live. However, if you miss the live lesson, not to worry! You'll be able to access the recording of the session from the course page, at your convenience. 



How regular and long are the lessons?

Lessons will be held once a week. Each lesson will be approx. 50 minutes in duration.  



How long is each course?

Each course runs for 1 term of 12 weeks. Since our method of studying is traditional, and the lessons are live, many of the courses are ongoing, without a set completion date. However, all courses will be split into terms of 12 weeks (3 months), with students enrolling each term to continue on the course. 



Can I attend for one term and not for other terms of ongoing courses?

Absolutely! You only enrol for one term at a time and there is no obligation to enrol for further terms. 



What language will the courses be taught in?

All courses will be taught in English. Arabic texts will be read in Arabic and translated.



What should I do if I miss a live session?

Don’t worry! You'll be able to access the recording of the live session from the course page, at your convenience. 



I’m not sure what course to enrol in, what should I do?

You're welcome to email us and ask for advice. We’ll always do our best to guide you. 



Can I take more than one course at a time?

Of course! You're free to enrol on as many courses as you like. However, we would advise that you only take on as many courses as you can manage, and enjoy, at any one time. Knowledge is patience, and it comes in steps. 



Can I pay for the course in US Dollars?

Unfortunately, at present we can only take payments in Pound Sterling. However, we hope to have the option to pay in US Dollars very soon. 



Who teaches on the courses? 

Shaykh Jamir teaches on all the Key to the Garden Institute courses. You can find out about Shaykh Jamir in the ‘Instructor’ section of the website. 



How do students interact with the teacher? 

Key to the Garden courses are currently all live, so students can ask questions during each lesson, just like a traditional setting. Also, each course has a dedicated forum where students are encouraged to ask questions. 



Will I get an Ijaza (license to teach) upon completion?

Currently, we won't be giving any formal ijazas to teach, though you may teach what you have learnt to close family and friends. However, this is something that we will be looking to offer in the near future, and any ijazas given will be based on rigorous oral and written tests. Former students who have completed our courses and wish to attain an ijaza, may enrol on this additional ijaza module when it becomes available. 



Can I arrange one-to-one lessons with Shaykh Jamir?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer one-to-one lessons at the moment, but this is something we may offer in the future. 



Do you have a scholarship scheme?

Unfortunately, we don’t have any scholarship schemes currently, but we hope this is something we can offer in the future. 



Why do you charge for learning sacred knowledge?

We really wish we could offer our courses for free. Shaykh Jamir has been teaching for free for many years and his preference is always to do so when possible. Unfortunately, it hasn't been possible. Dedicating one’s time to teach full-time and answer questions, means not working. The only alternative option would be to ask for donations, and this an approach that is neither sustainable or preferable to us. While many students in traditional centers of learning may study for free, there are other costs, such as travel, living costs etc., so in reality, there is never really anyone who studies for ‘free’ - someone always pays. Additionally, there is much to be said for the importance and level of commitment one gives to something that has been paid for and attained through struggle, compared to when received for free and with little or no struggle. 


Can we download lessons?

For copyright reasons, the lessons are not available for downloading. This also applies to any other method of copying materials on our courses. We appreciate our students committing to this trust.

Can we share our login details with friends and family?

When you sign up for a course with us, you enter into a moral agreement of trust and honour, which, in accordance with Islamic ethics, should be upheld. Student enrolment is what keeps the institute running and enables us to continue our work. For this reason, it's not permitted for student's to share login details, or any course material, with anyone else or on any other platform. However, we will be introducing a family price plan in the near future insha'Allah.


Who should I contact if I'm having problems enrolling or during the course?

Please contact us by email at

We are always happy to help. 


I’ve heard of Shaykh Jamir’s free Islamic Q&A group. How do I join?

Anyone is welcome to join our Islamic Q&A group! Simply click on the Telegram logo here or at the bottom of this screen. Also, please do read the group guidelines when you enter (pinned at the top of the group).