‘The key to the Garden is There is no God except Allah’

 [Mishkat al Masabih]

Key to the Garden is a reference to that which will enter a person into the eternal Gardens of Paradise. The Prophet mentioned that the key to the Garden (miftah al Jannah) is the Testification of Faith, and in other Traditions, the prayer. Our use of the phrase in the naming of our institute and related projects, returns to these narrations of the blessed Prophet , but more specifically, to a personal journey that started many years ago, and which began with the fortuitous purchase of a book, Habib Ahmad Mashhur al Haddad’s, Key to the Garden. This subtle yet majestic work, set in motion more than a decade of seeking, learning, and teaching, which continues to this day. Key to the Garden Institute is a fruit of this journey, and through it, we hope that it is a key to the Garden for us and everyone of you. 


In January 2020, Shaykh Jamir launched the Key to the Garden Group, an umbrella group for a variety of Islamic educational services and projects. Among these are the Key to the Garden Media YouTube Channel, and the highly active, Key to the Garden Islamic Q&A Telegram Group. Following the success of these services, Shaykh Jamir established the Key to the Garden Institute.


Key to the Garden Institute is a traditional Islamic online institute, where students study sacred texts with a traditionally trained and qualified instructor. We understand that not everyone can travel abroad to study the religious sciences with scholars, and we also appreciate that many Muslims simply want regular access to reliable and qualified scholars, to guide them and inspire them in their daily life and worship. Our wide range of courses, at different levels, have been purposefully designed with this in mind, bringing sacred learning to your home, at your convenience.


Our courses preserve the thoroughness and integrity of traditional study of Islamic texts; word for word, cover to cover, book by book, and step by step, while our approach to teaching the texts is easy, modern, and accessible to all. The student-teacher connection is maintained and nurtured through live classes and active and consistent participation on course forums. 


Shaykh Jamir is a qualified, experienced, and dynamic instructor, highly regarded by scholars and students alike. He has studied and taught in Yemen and Jordan. A natural teacher, he is known for his engaging, clear, structured and thorough teaching method. His easy, accessible and creative approach, coupled with a genuine openness to listen to and answer questions, ensures that his students always get the most out of their learning experience.