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At Key to the Garden Institute, we believe the best way to understand Islam, and its rich scholarly heritage, is through studying sacred texts with traditionally trained and qualified teachers. Travelling abroad to study the religious sciences is an aspiration for many Muslims, but unfortunately not always possible. Others may simply want to deepen their faith and practice through foundational and on-going learning, but have limited access to qualified teachers to motivate and inspire them in their daily life and worship. Whatever your circumstance, our courses have been purposefully designed with you in mind, bringing traditional learning to your home, at your convenience.

Our courses preserve the thoroughness and integrity of traditional study of Islamic texts, while imparting the knowledge in an easy, modern, and accessible way, suitable for all ages and levels, from teenagers to adults. We also understand that the student-teacher connection is an essential part of the learning experience, which can be a challenge with online learning. We maintain and nurture this traditional relationship through live classes and active and consistent participation on course forums. By studying classic texts, word for word, cover to cover, book by book, and step by step, with a qualified, experienced, and dynamic teacher, a new path to gaining sound and authentic religious knowledge is now just a click away from you.

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Studying Sacred Texts in Today's World

Traditional Islamic texts just a click away. At Key to the Garden Institute, we bring religious learning to you, in your home, dorm, car, or on a walk. Our courses can be accessed on any device, anytime, anywhere. Learning sacred knowledge has never been easier. Simply sign up and start learning!
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Course Format

Making Your Learning Experience Enjoyable, Easier and Accessible

  • Live Lessons

    Most, or all our current courses will be taught live. This is a unique opportunity for students to benefit from real-time learning and interaction with a qualified and experienced instructor. Unable to make the live session? Don’t worry! All our live lessons will be recorded and made available to students

  • Course Forums

    Need clarification on something discussed in class? We've got you covered! At Key to the Garden Institute we value every individual student, and we know how important it is for students to receive full answers to their questions, helping them to grasp, process, retain, and implement what is learnt. Each course will have a dedicated forum for enrolled students to ask questions related to the course material

  • Course Material

    Students will be provided with downloadable PDF copies of the main texts used in our courses. Students can use these to follow the lesson, as the instructor reads and translates the Arabic, and expounds on the material covered


Shaykh Jamir Dean Meah

Shaykh Jamir has spent more than a decade studying a range of Islamic sciences in Tarim, Yemen, and Amman, Jordan. He studied under the foremost scholars and muftis of the Ribat Tarim for nine years, in one-to-one private classes, with a specialisation in Shafi’i fiqh. In 2016, he moved to Amman, where he continues private studies and research in various sciences under Jordan's most prominent scholars, particularly Islamic theology (kalam), logic, and usul al fiqh. A natural teacher, known for his comprehensive and engaging style, and for his in-depth, scholarly answers and articles on a wide range of topics, Sh. Jamir has taught adults, teenagers, and children for many years, both on the ground and online. He is also an experienced homeopathic physician, graduating from the School of Homeopathy, Devon.


“Top notch, mainstream … excellent teacher”

Sh. Faraz Rabbani (SeekersGuidance)

‘Shaykh Jamir is an excellent teacher. He taught capably, diligently, and with excellence while at SeekersGuidance—and we recommend his classes, teaching, and consider his religious guidance to be top-notch, mainstream, and of benefit.’

“Those whom Allah has granted success”

Sh. Bilal Najjar (logician, theologian, usuli, and author)

'My brother and friend, Shaykh Jamir, is virtuous in character and speech, chivalrous and refined in nature, easy and pleasant in company, assiduous and diligent. He studies with precision and meticulousness. Nothing escapes him, whether big or small, except that he asks and understands, and searches to specify and qualify it and write it down. And these descriptions are only applicable to those whom Allah has granted success. He has studied and completed many books under me, in different sciences, and continues to study with me even now. I have authorized Jamir to teach, in fact, I have told him to. He is more than capable of teaching, commentating. and imparting this knowledge in the English language. I ask Allah that through his knowledge, he benefits the lands and the people, in service of our faith.'

“I've taken this course from other teachers ... but this has been my best experience by far”

Umm Kulthum M.

'We were indeed very blessed and honoured to have Shaykh Jamir as our teacher. I've taken this course several times from other teachers, and, although beneficial, this has been my best experience by far. The Shaykhs live sessions, are, so far, for me the best. Shaykh Jamir is always very active on the forum and has been very accommodating of the students' questions. It's really a big thing when the presence of the teacher is being felt. The discussions in the classes have been very clear and spontaneous. Jazakumullahu khairan katheera, Shaykh Jamir!’

“Clarifying with a qualified scholar gives peace of mind”

Fatima A.

‘JazakAllahu khairan Shaykh Jamir for your time and incredible patience. The lessons were of high quality and they were a pleasure even to just to listen to. Shaykh Jamir is readily available and extremely patient in answering questions, so there is no need to feel frustrated or afraid to ask even about minute details which we might be ashamed to admit that we do not know. Clarifying with a qualified scholar gives peace of mind rather than carrying around self-doubt and fear.’

“Lessons are structured, pedagogical, and easy to follow”

Louai W.

‘I couldn't agree more with all the positive feedback. Shaykh Jamir, you're a very good teacher. Your lessons are structured, pedagogical and easy to follow. Although you have many years of studies, you are humble and you take your time to listen and answer our questions. I like how the lessons are not too long. That way one can easily listen to them while on the way to work etc. It makes it easier to have heard the lesson before sitting down to study the lesson more thoroughly. I could write more, but insha’Allah I will continue to study with you, sheikh!’

“Easily understood and well structured”

Daniel B.

‘I am really happy that I found and took this course. Sh. Jamir’s teachings are sharp, on point, easily understandable and well structured. May Allah reward you in Dunya and Akhira and I hope I can continue studying with Sh. Jamir in following courses.’

“Truly appreciate the tremendous time you take … of immense benefit”

Dian F.

‘Shaykh, I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for guiding us through this course. I, for one, truly appreciate the tremendous time you must have taken to go through and answer each of our questions, especially since some of us might not make it to the lectures, so your answers are of immense benefit and of added value to your lectures. Your lectures are also clear and structured, and very easily understood.’


Aditya P.

'Jazakallahu khairan kathiran for your knowledge and kindness throughout this course, shaykh. It's amazing that I still received something new with this course. May I have the chance to take knowledge from you again in the future, shaykh.'

“Answered many of the questions that I had on my mind … It’s been a pleasure”

Ishtiaq N.

‘The course was very beneficial for me and answered many of the questions that I had on my mind. The additional information the Shaykh incorporates into the lessons is very useful, including highlighting other positions within the school itself as well as positions of other schools. It’s been a pleasure following the Shaykh’s lessons and I look forward to signing up for any new lessons the Shaykh will be covering insha’Allah. May Allah ta’ala bless Shaykh Jamir and increase him in beneficial knowledge, and allow us to benefit from him, ameen.'

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